An extraordinary veterinarian, as well as individuals. These folks REALLY care about the well being of those in their care. In the many, many times I have used their services, never once have they left a stone unturned to find the correct solution. When my little guy’s eye was injured, they saw us at midnight! Then manufactured the serum to help heal the injury. If there was an option to give 1000 stars, it still wouldn’t be enough. – Ann Medlen

They are amazing g! This is best vet around north texas . Very caring and takes time with your pet instead of rushing to next patient. Love their services and can’t say enough good. My dog was diagnosed with av block over a yr ago other vets said I should pts or at least consider it. Not dr. Amy she did wonders for him 1 year 2 months later my dog is still here and does pretty good overall. Thanks Dr. Amy – Anna Miles Ham

I love Dr Ami Traver. Shes the real deal. Will not do unneccesary procedures, tests, ect just to make money. If she wouldnt do it on HER animal she wont do it on yours. Country vet…. real, honest, and most importantly acts like she CARES…(unlike some vets). Trust me! She has taken care of all my rescues from the beginning and now shes the only one who will continue. Thanks Dr Ami!!! – Dena Grant

They go above and beyond don’t know what I would i do if I didn’t have them on speed dial to answer and help me take care of my needs at my grooming shop and personal animals ! Love my girls – Nora Martin Horton

I’m definitely a fan of Dr. Ami and Emily! They have taken care of our zoo for a while now, and I have never worried for one minute if our animals were getting the most thorough, compassionate care possible. If you haven’t used these guys, your animals are missing out…. – Thomas Like

Dr. Traver is an exceptional vet with a wonderful staff. I cannot say enough good things about the way everything was handled when she made a house call to put down our beloved dog of 15+ years. You will not find more honest and compassionate vet care than with Dr. Traver. – Veronica Riera-Gilley

Dr Traver is a professional with the knowledge to care for and treat all of your animals needs. She and Emily are so open to questions and concerns about anything that you may need to know about your animals care and treatment. We have known Dr. Amy Traver for many years and understand her love for animals. This Dr. cares, truly cares about the animals that you love. Thank you Dr. Traver for helping us with our family dogs…Miss Pearl and Hank who is recovering fast due to your expertise and care…if you need a vet…call Dr. Traver…she is one of a kind. – Karen Triplett-Herring

Dr. Traver will always be my go-to veterinarian. She is so compassionate and loving with Indiana, my cat, that he adores seeing her. It is obvious that she takes her profession seriously and shows this through extensive knowledge on up-to-date best practices. I love having a veterinarian that is both caring and trustworthy. – Beth Boatman

The best people, the best vat, the best place, the best human and the best and the best……. I never had an great experience like this before. I met people care and want help both animals and owners. Dr Amy one of the best doctor ever she saved my dog life and keep her care over my dog. Strongly recommend this clinic and this great people. – Samuel Elia

Dr. Traver and her team absolutely impressed me with how up front and informative they were during their visit to the ranch to cut a sarcoid off my mares face. They showed up ahead of schedule and took time out of their work to educate about what was happening and what to expect after.

I know an animals health shouldn’t be about the money, but it definitely helps that her prices were affordable for what I needed for my mare. I hope I never have to call a vet to come out again, but if I have to, I will be calling Elite Equine & Small Animal. – Joe CastaƱeda